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Why we exist

Desert Rat Games is a small, family owned and run operation in Scottsdale, Arizona. The whole family has been into gaming all our lives.  RPGs, board games, tabletop wargames, CCGs, arcade and console games... we've played it all. Obviously, we've spent a lot of time in game stores! Over the years, we noticed something, though.  We were not the "average gamer"!

We realized that modern game stores catered to the hardcore gamer, the geek, if you will.  When I went to the game store, I was almost always the oldest one in there. When I went with my wife, people would stare at her - "Oh, wow!  A girl!". When I took my kids, they would be frowned at if they touched anything. This was very uncomfortable for us. So I decided to change that!

Desert Rat Games will be that new kind of store! A store where families are comfortable. A store that values diversity. A store that welcomes everyone and makes you feel like family. Whether you are old or young, black or white, gay or straight, a seasoned gaming veteran or the shiniest newbie, we will help you find your passion and have fun!.  After all, that's what gaming is all about, right? Having fun!

The Staff

Stephen Taylor - Owner

Stephen Taylor - Owner

I've been gaming since I was old enough to roll dice. I have a deep love of old video games from the 80s and 90s. I've also played a LOT of Warhammer and Battletech.

I've been a manager at Gamestop and other video game stores as well as worked for many other retail chains, large and small.


Cory Taylor - Manager

Cory Taylor - Owner

Cory's life of gaming began on the PC.  At the wee age of 2, he was able to climb on the desk and swap his CD games, even put the old game back in the case!  I know some adults that can't do that!  Freddy Fish was a favorite. RPGs have been a large part of Cory's life, he is currently running a bi-weekly D&D game.


Kylo Taylor - Assistant Manager

Kylo Taylor - Assistant Manager

Not much about Kylo is known. His life is a well kept secret known only to a few, and most of those are dead. A ninja, an enigma, a paradox. Who is Kylo? Other than being Cory's husband, nobody knows...

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Location - US
3801 E Washington St Space F80, Phoenix, AZ 85034
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Wednesday 4pm - 10pm Saturday 7am - 4pm Sunday 7am - 4pm